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- Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics
- Badwater Basin: Death Valley Microbe May Spark Novel Biotech and Nanotech Uses
- Get Me out of This Slump: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance
- 'Invisibility' Cloak Could Protect Buildings from Earthquakes
- 'Saber-Toothed Squirrel': First Known Mammalian Skull from Late Cretaceous in South America
- Electricity and Carbon Dioxide Used to Generate Alternative Fuel
- Geologic Map of Jupiter's Moon Io Details an Otherworldly Volcanic Surface
- Lyme Disease Surge Predicted for Northeastern US: Due to Acorns and Mice, Not Mild Winter
- Abrupt Permafrost Thaw Increases Climate Threat, Experts Say
- Brain Parasite Directly Alters Brain Chemistry
- Gene Critical to Sense of Smell in Fruit Fly Identified
- Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented, Study Says
- World's First Super Predator Had Remarkable Vision
- Giant Planet Ejected from the Solar System?
- IBEX Spacecraft Measures 'Alien' Particles from Outside Solar System
- New Material Can Enhance Energy, Computer, Lighting Technologies
- Neuroscientists Identify How the Brain Works to Select What We (Want To) See
- Bacteria Use Chat to Play the 'Prisoner's Dilemma' Game in Deciding Their Fate
- Master Controller of Memory Identified
- How Viruses Evolve, and in Some Cases, Become Deadly
- Toward Better Electronics: Researchers Develop New Way to Oxidize Promising Graphene
- Rare Element, Tellurium, Detected for the First Time in Ancient Stars
- Analyses of a Tiny Comet Grain Dates Jupiter's Formation
- Oil from Deepwater Horizon Disaster Entered Food Chain in the Gulf of Mexico
- Getting the Dirt On Immunity: Scientists Show Evidence for Hygiene Hypothesis
- Successful Human Tests for First Wirelessly Controlled Drug-Delivery Chip
- A Mitosis Mystery Solved: How Chromosomes Align Perfectly in a Dividing Cell
- The Power of Estrogen: Male Snakes Attract Other Males
- Rare Ultra-Blue Stars Found in Neighboring Galaxy's Hub
- Simple 3-D Grid Structure Underlying Complexity of Primate Brain
- A Galaxy Blooming With New Stars
- Marine Biodiversity Loss Due to Global Warming and Predation, Study Predicts
- Self-Centered Kids? Blame Their Immature Brains
- Globular Clusters: Survivors of a 13-Billion-Year-Old Massacre
- Human, Artificial Intelligence Join Forces to Pinpoint Fossil Locations
- Societal Control of Sugar Essential to Ease Public Health Burden, Experts Urge
- Laser Hints at How Universe Got Its Magnetism
- Earthquake Friction Effect Demonstrated at the Nanoscale
- West Antarctic Ice Shelves Tearing Apart at the Seams
- Ocean Microbe Communities Changing, but Long-Term Environmental Impact Is Unclear
- Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function
- Tailored Optical Material from DNA: Light-Modifying Nanoparticles
- Form and Function: New MRI Technique to Diagnose or Rule out Alzheimer's Disease
- 'Lost World' Discovered Around Antarctic Vents
- Super-Earth Unlikely Able to Transfer Life to Other Planets
- Researchers Discover a New Path for Light Through Metal
- Complex Wiring of the Nervous System May Rely On a Just a Handful of Genes and Proteins
- Titanium Paternity Test Fingers Earth as Moon's Sole Parent
- Two New Extinct Camel Species Discovered at Panama Canal Excavation
- Before They Were Stars: New Image Shows Space Nursery
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Scientists Create First Free-Standing 3-D Cloak
- New Species of Ancient Crocodile Discovered; 'Sheildcroc' Was Ancestor of Today's Species
- Almost Perfect: Researcher Nears Creation of Superlens
- Tropical Sea Temperatures Influence Melting in Antarctica
- Deepest Terrestrial Arthropod Ever Found
- World's Smallest Frogs Discovered in New Guinea
- Skin Cells Turned Into Neural Precusors, Bypassing Stem-Cell Stage
- Nowhere to Hide: Tigers Threatened by Human Destruction of Groundcover
- Scientists Discover New Clue to Chemical Origins of Life
- Mystery of Source of Supernova in Nearby Galaxy Solved
- Scientists Produce World's First Magnetic Soap
- Hundreds of Threatened Species Not On Official U.S. List, Research Shows
- Studying Bat Skulls, Evolutionary Biologists Discover How Species Evolve
- Critical Stage of Embryonic Development Now Observable
- Venice Hasn't Stopped Sinking After All
- Explosive Stars With Good Table Manners
- Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Planetary Systems
- Powerful New Cells Cloned: Key to Immune System Disease Could Lie Inside the Cheek
- Predator-Prey Relationships Make Possible the Rich Biodiversity of Complex Ecosystems
- Gene Therapy for Inherited Blindness Succeeds in Patients' Other Eye
- First-Of-Its-Kind Stem Cell Study Re-Grows Healthy Heart Muscle in Heart Attack Patients
- Scientists Prove Plausibility of New Pathway to Life's Chemical Building Blocks
- How the Milky Way Killed Off Nearby Galaxies
- Physicists Identify Room Temperature Quantum Bits in Widely Used Semiconductor
- New 'Biopsy in a Blood Test' to Detect Cancer
- Charge Separation in a Molecule Consisting of Two Identical Atoms: Size Matters
- New Defense Mechanism Against Viruses and Cancer Identified
- Astronomers Solve Mystery of Vanishing Electrons in Earth's Outer Radiation Belt
- Walnut Trees May Not Be Able to Withstand Climate Change
- On the Path to Age-Defying Therapies
- Watching Motion of Electrons in Molecules During Chemical Reactions
- Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
- Lutetia: A Rare Survivor from the Birth of Earth
- Computing Building Blocks Created from Bacteria and DNA
- Ancient Lunar Dynamo May Explain Magnetized Moon Rocks
- 'Robot Biologist' Solves Complex Problem from Scratch
- Discovery On How Sugars Are Moved Throughout a Plant
- Entire Genome of Extinct Human Decoded from Fossil
- Researchers Uncover a Mechanism to Explain Dune Field Patterns
- Glaciers: A Window Into Human Impact On the Global Carbon Cycle
- RNA Interference Cancer Treatment? Delivering RNA With Tiny Sponge-Like Spheres
- Ionized Plasmas as Cheap Sterilizers for Developing World
- Researchers Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells
- New Fossil Penguin from New Zealand May Be the Biggest Ever
- World's Smallest Magnetic Data Storage Unit
- Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies
- Recharge Your Cell Phone With a Touch? New Nanotechnology Converts Body Heat Into Power
- Touching a Nerve: How Every Hair in Skin Feels Touch and How It All Gets to the Brain
- Some People Can Hallucinate Colors at Will
- Generating Power from Salty Water: Unique Salt Allows Energy Production to Move Inland
- Astronomers Find Three Smallest Planets Outside Solar System
- New Evidence That Comets Deposited Building Blocks of Life On Primordial Earth
- Cosmic Rays Alter Chemistry of Lunar Ice, May Create Building Blocks of Life
- Clocking an Accelerating Universe: First Results from BOSS
- Engineers Create Tandem Polymer Solar Cells That Set Record for Energy-Conversion
- Tangled Up in DNA: New Molecule Has Potential to Help Treat Genetic Diseases and HIV
- Teaching Fat Cells to Burn Calories: New Target Against Obesity Involves Brown Fat
- Researchers Send 'Wireless' Message Using a Beam of Neutrinos
- T. Rex Has Most Powerful Bite of Any Terrestrial Animal Ever
- Maternal Separation Stresses the Baby, Research Finds
- Hubble Reveals a New Class of Extrasolar Planet

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